Source code for prettyqt.widgets.listwidgetitem

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
@author: Philipp Temminghoff

from typing import Union

import qtawesome as qta
from qtpy import QtWidgets, QtCore, QtGui

from prettyqt import gui
from prettyqt.utils import bidict

STATES = bidict(unchecked=QtCore.Qt.Unchecked,

[docs]class ListWidgetItem(QtWidgets.QListWidgetItem): def __repr__(self): return f"ListWidgetItem({self.icon()}, {self.text()!r})" def __getstate__(self): return dict(text=self.text(), tooltip=self.toolTip(), statustip=self.statusTip(), checkstate=self.get_checkstate(), icon=gui.Icon(self.icon()) if not self.icon().isNull() else None, def __setstate__(self, state): self.__init__() self.setText(state.get("text", "")) self.setToolTip(state.get("tooltip", "")) self.setStatusTip(state.get("statustip", "")) self.setData(QtCore.Qt.UserRole, state["data"]) self.set_icon(state["icon"]) self.set_checkstate(state["checkstate"])
[docs] def set_icon(self, icon: Union[QtGui.QIcon, str, None]): """set the icon for the action Args: icon: icon to use """ if not icon: icon = gui.Icon() elif isinstance(icon, str): icon = qta.icon(icon) self.setIcon(icon)
[docs] def set_checkstate(self, state: str): """set checkstate of the checkbox valid values are: unchecked, partial, checked Args: state: checkstate to use Raises: ValueError: invalid checkstate """ if state not in STATES: raise ValueError("Invalid checkstate.") self.setCheckState(STATES[state])
[docs] def get_checkstate(self) -> str: """returns checkstate possible values are "unchecked", "partial", "checked" Returns: checkstate """ return STATES.inv[self.checkState()]