Source code for prettyqt.widgets.abstractitemview

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
@author: Philipp Temminghoff

from typing import Optional, Generator, Any, List
import functools
import logging
import operator

from qtpy import QtCore, QtWidgets

from prettyqt import gui, widgets, constants
from prettyqt.utils import bidict

TRIGGERS = bidict(none=QtWidgets.QAbstractItemView.NoEditTriggers,

SELECTION_BEHAVIOURS = bidict(rows=QtWidgets.QAbstractItemView.SelectRows,

SELECTION_MODES = bidict(single=QtWidgets.QAbstractItemView.SingleSelection,

QtWidgets.QAbstractItemView.__bases__ = (widgets.AbstractScrollArea,)

[docs]class AbstractItemView(QtWidgets.QAbstractItemView): def __len__(self): if self.model() is not None: return self.model().rowCount() return 0
[docs] def selectAll(self): """ Override, we dont want to selectAll for too many items for performance reasons """ if self.model() is None: return None if self.model().rowCount() * self.model().columnCount() > 1_000_000:"Too many cells to select.") return None super().selectAll()
[docs] def setModel(self, model): """ delete old selection model explicitely, seems to help with memory usage """ old_sel_model = self.selectionModel() super().setModel(model) if old_sel_model: del old_sel_model
def set_model(self, model): self.setModel(model) def set_delegate(self, delegate, column=None, row=None): if column is not None: self.setItemDelegateForColumn(column, delegate) elif row is not None: self.setItemDelegateForRow(row, delegate) else: self.setItemDelegate(delegate)
[docs] def toggle_select_all(self): """ select all items from list (deselect when all selected) """ if self.selectionModel() is None: return None if self.selectionModel().hasSelection(): self.clearSelection() else: self.selectAll()
def set_table_color(self, color): self.setStyleSheet(f"QHeaderView::section {{ background-color:{color} }}") def current_index(self) -> Optional[int]: if self.selectionModel() is None: return None return self.selectionModel().currentIndex() def current_data(self): if self.model() is None: return None return self.current_index().data(QtCore.Qt.UserRole)
[docs] def selected_indexes(self) -> List[QtCore.QModelIndex]: """ returns list of selected indexes in first row """ indexes = (x for x in self.selectedIndexes() if x.column() == 0) return sorted(indexes, key=lambda x: x.row())
[docs] def selected_names(self) -> Generator[Any, None, None]: """ returns generator yielding item names """ return ( for x in self.selected_indexes())
[docs] def selected_rows(self) -> Generator[int, None, None]: """ returns generator yielding row nums """ return (x.row() for x in self.selected_indexes())
[docs] def selected_data(self) -> Generator[Any, None, None]: """ returns generator yielding selected userData """ return ( for x in self.selected_indexes())
def setup_dragdrop_move(self): self.setDragEnabled(True) self.setAcceptDrops(True) self.setDragDropMode(self.DragDrop) self.setDefaultDropAction(QtCore.Qt.MoveAction) self.setDropIndicatorShown(True) def set_edit_triggers(self, *triggers): for item in triggers: if item not in TRIGGERS: raise ValueError("trigger type not available") flags = functools.reduce(operator.ior, [TRIGGERS[t] for t in triggers]) self.setEditTriggers(flags) def get_edit_triggers(self) -> list: return [k for k, v in TRIGGERS.items() if v & self.editTriggers()]
[docs] def set_selection_behaviour(self, behaviour: str): """set selection behaviour for given item view Allowed values are "rows", "columns", "items" Args: behaviour: selection behaviour to use Raises: ValueError: behaviour does not exist """ if behaviour not in SELECTION_BEHAVIOURS: raise ValueError("invalid selection behaviour") self.setSelectionBehavior(SELECTION_BEHAVIOURS[behaviour])
[docs] def get_selection_behaviour(self) -> str: """returns current selection behaviour Possible values: "rows", "columns", "items" Returns: selection behaviour """ return SELECTION_BEHAVIOURS.inv[self.selectionBehavior()]
[docs] def set_selection_mode(self, mode: str): """set selection mode for given item view Allowed values are "single", "extended", "multi" or "none" Args: mode: selection mode to use Raises: ValueError: mode does not exist """ if mode not in SELECTION_MODES: raise ValueError("Format must be either 'single', 'extended'," "'multi' or 'None'") self.setSelectionMode(SELECTION_MODES[mode])
[docs] def get_selection_mode(self) -> str: """returns current selection mode Possible values: "single", "extended", "multi" or "none" Returns: selection mode """ return SELECTION_MODES.inv[self.selectionMode()]
[docs] def num_selected(self) -> int: """returns amount of selected rows Returns: amount of selected rows """ if self.selectionModel() is None: return 0 return len(self.selectionModel().selectedRows())
[docs] def jump_to_column(self, col_num: int): """make sure column at given index is visible scrolls to column at given index Args: col_num: column to scroll to """ if self.model() is None: return None idx = self.model().index(0, col_num) self.scrollTo(idx)
[docs] def scroll_to_top(self): """override to use abstractitemview-way of scrolling to top """ self.scrollToTop()
[docs] def scroll_to_bottom(self): """override to use abstractitemview-way of scrolling to bottom """ self.scrollToBottom()
def select_last_row(self): idx = self.model().createIndex(self.model().rowCount() - 1, 0) self.setCurrentIndex(idx)
[docs] def highlight_when_inactive(self): """also highlight items when widget does not have focus """ p = gui.Palette() p.highlight_inactive() self.setPalette(p)